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Asset Protection

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“David Kaufmann worked hard at his profession and accumulated the rewards that go with success. Then a disgruntled client named him as a Defendant in a lawsuit and threatened to “take him for everything he owned.”  But after David had a talk with the plaintiff’s attorney, the suit was quietly dropped. The reason?  In spite of his apparent wealth, he doesn’t legally “own” anything that a lawsuit or court judgment can take. David had the foresight to shelter his assets in a judgment-proof international business company in the Bahamas.”

It does not take a catastrophic event to wipe out everything you own and worked so hard for.
A grave illness, an accident, a divorce, a lawsuit, an unscrupulous partner, or some one just looking to make a quick buck can put your assets at serious risk.  Even frivolous lawsuits can cost a lot of money to defend, despite the fact that you may win. We will show and teach you how to have “Bulletproof Asset Protection”, in other words, Financial Privacy!

Don’t think about
how much doing something will cost…….
Think about how much it will cost if you do nothing!

The key for bulletproof asset protection is to build a
“firewall” between your assets and the outside world before any possibility of loss, and with Secure Asset Management Group, you can achieve that, you can achieve Asset Protection and Financial Privacy!

What you have, can be found!
Do you live in a nice house, have a successful business, drive a nice car, own a few grown-up toys, if so, you’d be shocked at how quick, easy, and inexpensive it is for anyone to discover the extent of your asset base.  Rule #1 among those looking to take from others, is to go after those that are worth going after.  The following is from a very popular “Asset Search” agency:


Asset Locating

Locating Hidden Assets & Other Areas To Be Aware Of



After you have located an “Obligor” the next step is to find the assets so they can be seized and liquidated. Many of the same methods that are used to locate the obligor can be used to locate assets.

Contrary to popular belief, income is not only what a person earns. “Unearned income” is considered to be income as well. That is, income that is not earned through a paycheck. Examples may include:

  • Rental incomes,

  • Dividends and

  • Interest from stock ownership, etc.



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The best way to protect your assets is not to own anything. This flies in the face of the American Dream to own a home, car or stock portfolio.  However, it is when you own an asset that it is vulnerable to attack.

How do you not own your assets but have use of them as if you did? By setting up a corporate entity to be the owner of the assets while you maintain complete control of them. Correctly set up corporations in the right jurisdiction will provide you with the same bulletproof asset protection that is enjoyed by millionaires and movie stars.


Under the law, a corporation is an artificial “person”, completely separate from the people who own and operate it. Because it is an independent entity, a corporation’s debts and taxes are separate from those of its owners, officers, and directors. Therefore, a corporation provides an individual with the greatest personal liability protection. This is the reason why almost all successful people choose to incorporate. It permits them to manage their assets anonymously.  Their private corporate lives are never made public.  However, it is only in the state of Nevada or an offshore jurisdiction such as the Bahamas that a corporation can beset up so that, while you own and control your corporation, your identity and ownership can remain a total secret.

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