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About Our Consultants and Secure Asset Management Group

Consultant for Secure Asset Managment bringing you Bulletproof Asset Protection & Tax Savings

Your consultant, Mr. Charles Olsen, brings to your team 35 years of financial service experience.  This includes insurance, stock brokerage, wealth building and banking.  His unique experience in private and and off-shore issues has made him very valuable to his clients.  In the 1980’s he helped pioneer and develop insurance concepts that are still in use and practice by others today and is still helping clients diversify so to get benefits today.

He firmly believes in putting the needs of his clients first and his own secondary.  Indeed, his success is solidly based on this precept.

Over the last 35 years he has built a network of very fine professionals in all aspects of financial
services and works closely on a referral basis with attorneys, accountants and other financial service practitioners.

Mr. Olsen is also a public speaker with nearly 45 years experience and is available as a guest speaker for sales meetings, seminars, luncheons and the like.

In focusing his experience and talents on asset protection, he continues to put the client’s needs first and remains at your service.

Secure Asset Management Group brings you a wide range of professional knowledge. To provide you with the best financial services available, they bring previous experience ranging from the collection business to
professional experience in management, marketing, finance and law.  Mr. Olsen is also knowledgeable and has thousands of sources for funding needs.

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